What it feels like…to be blessed with great friends.

By Anonymous, London.

By all accounts I have led a charmed life.

After extensive world travel, experiencing a journey many people could never dream of, I often get asked what my greatest achievements are.

Sky diving over Paradise mountains in New Zealand? Running with bull kangaroos at sunrise in the Australian outback? Heli skiing over the Austrian alps or scuba diving with 20 hammer head sharks in the Maldives perhaps? Not even close.

Unequivocally, as reminded to me by recent events, my greatest ever achievement are my friends. I have always appreciated my life, my family and my friends but this year they literally saved my life and showed the true power and priveledge of having them.

Having several life changing events occur within weeks of each other, this threw me into a deep depression I never knew was capable, lasting a year.

Relationship break up, why not lose your job too for good measure, your dog your home and oh just in case your wondering what the pain in your chest has been oh thats just a little undiagnosed heart defect that could kill you anytime.

Writing this now I am laughing and thankful for all of it.

Am I a victim? No chance. There are many much worse off than I am. Some people don’t even have friends which makes me sad. I would not have made it without mine.

Remember no one owes you anything and never take life or people for granted. Look after your friends for they truly are special.

Thanks to mine this has been the best year of my life.