What it feels like…to lead a double life.

By Lucy Devine, Glasgow.

Feline mighty fine.

So by day I am Lucy Devine; joint business owner of Candyfloss Cats, Glasgow Catsitting Service. By night I am a burlesque entertainer who goes by the name of Ruby Trix.

Candyfloss Cats provides a catsitting service for the kitties of Glasgow. Rather than put your cat in the cattery, we provide care within your home whilst you are away!


So from grooming and feeding to cleaning litter trays, your cat will only be provided with the best care. Since 2011 I have been a regular attendee at Club Noir and I always enjoyed dressing up. The more I went to Club Noir, the more I wanted to be on the stage…

I began attending burlesque classes with Gypsy Charms and after a year I was performing throughout Scotland. As well as throughout the UK I have performed in America, taking part in the largest Burlesque event in the world. (Burlycon Seattle)

In stark contrast, my day job involves no make up, casual clothes and usually hair in a ponytail and cleaning cat poop and sick (as and when required!)

As Ruby Trix I am sexy, sassy, super confident, enticing; a stocking wearing, fan dancing, bumping and grinding temptress! As Lucy I am sometimes shy, wear hardly any make up, tend to dress in casual clothes, love to read and cosy up with a cuppa!

The transformation from Lucy to Ruby involves a complete character change, clothing change, make up and hair styling. Before a show if I feel nervous I tell myself that Lucy is nervous but Ruby can’t wait to get out there. That helps me with stage fright and pre-performance jitters.

Burlesque has brought so many positive things into my life; I’ve met some amazing people, I’ve travelled to some amazing places and I’ve grown as a person from my involvement with my alter ego.

I would recommend burlesque to anyone! It’s so much fun and it really adds to your confidence. Even if you don’t want to perform, just by attending the classes, you will get a lot out of it.

To live a double life is brilliant; as well as leading a normal life during the day, I get to be whatever I want! As Ruby Trix the costume possibilities and different act ideas are endless and I get to do what I enjoy!

If I could walk around wearing a feathered headdress and rhinestoned costume during the day I would! But that would be frowned upon as I walk around Sainsbury’s buying my messages.

As a burlesque performer I get to put my ideas and vivid imagination into action and doing what you love is a key part to a happy life (in my opinion!)