What it feels like…to serve.

By Daniela Calota, Essex.

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” Mother Teresa.

Serving is one of the most graceful call each human being should embrace. It is not an obligation, nor a requirement but a way of reaching inner fulfilment, beauty and happiness. Human beings are spiritual beings by nature, living in a continuous quest of happiness, unable to reach it through egoistic desires, materialisms or a self sufficient attitude.

The best way for a human being to reach happiness, fulfilment and joy is through the gift of giving, serving and loving. Service is a call which enables the blossom of the human soul, a call for kindness, gratitude and a paying forward method, capable of building healthy, happy communities and a better future for our the children.

Imagine a world where everyone`s essential question daily would be: “What did I today to serve, to help, to make a difference”? Naturally, we will flow into a beautiful dance of humanity and a mindful brotherhood where competition, violence, greed and selfish desires are replaced by the beauty of giving, of being of help, of knowing you were able to bring a smile and lighten someone`s day.

This inner divine beauty is something each human being possesses naturally and it is a priceless gift.

It feels wonderful, when we put our heart into something for a better cause, to serve a greater good, when we know we helped or improved someone`s life, day and brought a smile, it is the most beautiful feeling. It is a fact and it is safe and sound to say that indeed in giving (serving) we shall receive.

My personal development would have not been possible without serving. The volunteer work, the little deeds and acts of caring, compassion were in my life one of the most beautiful and fulfilling experiences. When I serve I know I am beautiful, empowered and humbled with grace.

Through my humble experiences of services, I am grateful for all the opportunities given to me to make a difference in someone else`s life, thus in my heart, I know I made a difference in mine as well as an individual and member of community and world server.

I soothingly and smilingly recall my experience in Canada as a volunteer mentoring new Francophone Immigrants; a few hours a day I would take every Saturday or/ and Sunday to serve. Nothing made me feel more beautiful or fulfilled. A smile we can bring to a child for the time and energy we give them and to ourselves by reading a book, by providing them food, or shelter.

Or for a senior feeling forgotten or lonely knowing we can reassure them that we respect them, love them as much as we loved them when they were young, active and very productive.

Once I was asked `what would I gain from all the volunteer work I do and why I want to serve so much`? I cannot express the sadness in my heart when asked this question, an opposite feeling, emotion to what I feel when I do serve. I answered quietly that I serve because it makes me a better human being, it makes me feel beautiful and fulfilled.

You should try with a heartfelt conviction, you should join me! it changes our lives and the lives of the people we serve. There is undeniably magic and divine beauty in serving, in giving and aiding, a divine beauty that perpetuates and mutually influencing positively the giver and receiver.

Small acts of genuine love, kindness and giving make a difference from a thank you note, to help someone in need cross the street, from providing your seat in a bus, or your parking spot, these little acts make the difference every day and truly define us as human kind, and our true beauty.

As a conclusion, I consider any genuine, heartfelt service as an essential step for humanity growth, wellbeing and happiness, collectively and individually for our planet.