What it feels like…to be at the 1972 Olympics.

By Ian Single, Glasgow.

Blisteringly hot and I’m in a jacket, shirt and tie. I’m with a group of around five hundred and we’re with around ten thousand others waiting to get into a stadium. It’s taking forever. Everybody has turned up at the same time so it looks like a long wait.

OK one hour and we’re still in the longest queue ever. Jackets off. Ties undone. Did I mention I had a hat? Well that’s off too.

Two hours gone and we’re very close now. Another hour and we’re in. Jacket, hat and tie on. We’re now being ushered into the belly of the stadium. It’s cool and good to get out of the heat.

But we’ve still got a long wait. Shafts of sunlight stream into the openings now. Sergeant Ron Bright, an old friend, is teasing Captain Mark Phillips. Lots of camaraderie amongst the army folk. Ron gets us to line up and together with some other army pals they do a quick inspection. Now Ron is giving us a pep talk and telling us how to march. March….crikey, I didn’t sign up for this.

We’re now at a gigantic opening and moving forward in Unison; suddenly we’re marching into the sunlight. I’m thinking ” for those of you about to die, we salute you”. I then hear. Grande Bretagne, Großbritannien, Great Britain. Sixty thousand people on their feet cheering. We throw our hats in the air. Can’t get better than this. Munich Olympics opening ceremony 1972.