What it feels like…to be on the verge of becoming an independent country.

By Peter Smillie, Edinburgh.

What an opportunity!

Never be complacent about what is being offered here.

Never underestimate the gravity of what is on the table. This is real democracy, this isn’t what you see in Westminster, this certainly isn’t what you get across the pond. This is a true democratic undertaking to see if we wish to grasp the baton and take care of ourselves, with all the challenges that that comes with.

You are told you live in a democracy, the truth is you have on offer 47 different types of toothpaste, but you can put a toothpick between the policies of our leading politicians. That will never change in this country.

Democracy is what the people in power loathe you to have.

Do not think for one minute they are interested in choice, or empowerment or a better vision for you if you stay. They are fearful of your voice, of the ability to not be swayed by the mass media and it’s horror stories, and see you dancing in George Square, singing in the streets of Dundee, and smiling and happy in the knowledge that their fear driven itinerary is being undermined up and down the country.

They crave the status quo, in power that rests in the hands of the very few, for the benefit of the very few. Devolved power is not something that they will give up without a struggle and they have thrown everything including the kitchen sink at this referendum to scare you in order to tap into your fears, your uncertainties and doubts.

Fed up of another economist, another bank, another institution telling you it’s going to be dire. The very companies and individuals that wrecked the economy seven years ago.

The very companies that were bailed out, bailed out again, and then penalised for miss-selling, bad practice..the list is endless…..and they stand in front of us again telling us it’ll be curtains, the world will end, an economic crash is around the corner.

It’s not. It’s that simple. What they bank on is people that live in a bubble, that have everything taken care of, childcare, health insurance, mortgage relief…are fearful of change. when people step out of the bubble, when they go self employed/share stories/refuse to buy into it realise that it’s just fear of the unknown, but most people make it, they see that it’s just fear, that it’s lies and that it’s regurgitated stories.

The creative people, the thinkers, the musicians, the writers, the academics, the self made people, you know……the one’s you’d rather be stranded on a desert island with, they see it for what it is, these lies are impervious to them, they turn off the TV..and they get energised, they discuss, they plan, they see opportunities, they see hurdles, but they see solutions, and by god by all the posts I’ve seen on Facebook, the gatherings across Scotland have evidenced this entirely.

We are about to embark on another round of supporting the US in it’s interventionist policies around the globe. If we stay together we will be bemoaning our dead soldiers when they return from another pointless endeavour, we will be asking ourselves..how many more?

How many more times will we allow Israel to go unpunished in it’s genocidal campaign in the middle east, and our leaders, so passionate about Scotland all of a sudden, remain silent in the face of such brutality?

Why do we remain a permanent member of the security council and yet do nothing to alleviate the sufferings of others?

These people that govern us at the moment have very strong links to defence companies, and they do not wish for contracts to be annulled, because, funnily enough there’s no profit in peace.

So do not believe that we will become a moralistic country, that we will do what’s best for others, because we won’t, and we haven’t done for a long time.

We have a fantastic health service at present, regardless of what people tell you. Free at the point of contact. The powers that be want to dismantle it, and sell off the profitable parts.

That’s the current party at Westminster’s goal, that is their mantra, privatisation. Underfund to the point of decay and then bring in the private sector, it’s a simple model to grasp, and it’s happened in the US and it’s happening in England.

The population of England is set to soar, to over seventy million in the next 10 years. The pressure that this will put on existing services will mean the Scotland will no longer have the luxury that it does at present to ring fence it’s resources.

We will have to pay, eventually for this, if we have not had our devolved powers already rescinded. Scotland has a stable population, it is far easier to budget resources when you aren’t faced with an explosion in users. And does it not make sense, that if you have a healthy population, you will have a more prosperous country? More productive?

It does make you proud, right now to be Scottish, to have the eyes of the world on you and for us to be so close to something so unique in the world.

Remember that other countries are not happy about this, Spain doesn’t want Catalonia to become independent, Flanders in Belgium, Venice in Italy..it is not something that centralised power likes to see.

People actually exercising their democratic right under pressure from enormous negative state and multi national led campaigning to assert their basic human rights to protest, vote, and gather together as one.

Don’t believe the people that say you can’t, they don’t have your interests at heart. If we want it to be an amazing journey, then we are the drivers and the passengers of our own destiny.