…To have a baby when Mother Nature is tricky.

By Lesley Spaczynska, Edinburgh.

So when I turned 30 it was like someone had flicked a switch in me, I had never really thought I wanted kids up until this point.

So when we started trying and nothing happened I started to think maybe something is wrong??

We tried for 2 years before going to the doctor, had all the tests and everything came back clear. We were told to keep trying we did for another year and still nothing!!

We were sent to the IVF clinic at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary- wow what an amazing team of people!

We had our first round of IVF planned for April 2010 I was the healthiest I’ve ever been, as was Jon and we had no reason to think it wouldn’t work. It didn’t- I was plunged into a dark hole. Knowing that nothing was wrong with either of us, we just believed that the team would put my egg and Jon’s sperm together and we would have an embryo?

I ended up with hyper-stimulation (over production of eggs from the hormones) which is very dangerous and just to makes matters worse, makes you look 6 months pregnant. I thought at this point I can’t do this again- all the injections, crazy hormone mood swings and then nothing!!!

August came and I had enjoyed a few nights out at the festival, and had time to reflect that the first round hadn’t worked as my head wasn’t in the right place.

I read “The Secret” and for anyone embarking on IVF read it- it made me visualise me pushing a pram changing nappies etc and I knew it was time to try again!!

We did a short course of the injections and I felt great I knew in my heart and head that this time we would get pregnant. The op went perfect and we got 5 grade 1 embryos- we only needed 1.

6 days later I had a pregnancy test at the hospital and although I already knew- there was the result we waited 4 years for! We cried the biggest amount of happy tears, and we both knew this was our time.

I had a great pregnancy, little nausea, and some seriously bad skin, but I didn’t complain- how could I this was a dream becoming reality!

I had a funning feeling our little girl, yes we found out, I had to know, was going to come early and on the 28.5.11, 1 week early after a relatively painless labour (had an epidural before an contractions started as I had a strep b infection so they had to induce me) 20 mins of pushing, my little rainbow came into the world very quietly, she was placed on my chest looked up at me, closed her eyes and stared sucking her thumb.

I couldn’t believe she was actually here- 5 years later after all the heartache, dark days and thinking we weren’t supposed to have a baby, my little Iris (which means Goddess of Rainbows) was lying on my chest sleeping. Our family was complete!

I like to talk about my IVF and be as open as I can be, because for some it is the only option! It shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of- all it is is someone giving you a wee kick start.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful team at the IVF unit at the ERI- you made our dream come true.

Lastly thank you Iris for coming into our lives and being the little rainbow that you are.