What it feels like…to get a great night’s sleep, every night.

By Peter Samson, Glasgow.

Sleep. We all need it. We all can’t do without it. But have you cracked the art of getting off to sleep with minimum hassle?

Never a fan of hearing tales from friends or colleagues who lament not being able to enjoy a good night’s shut-eye, I marvel at my own achievement of coming up with a simple method of ensuring I’m usually asleep within minutes of head hitting the pillow. The method has worked now for decades and hasn’t let me down.

I feel blessed that sleep and I are perfect bed partners. I feel relieved that, as a result, each morning I can waken re-energised, reinvigorated and ready for the day’s challenges that lie ahead.

And the secret? Simple really…a well rehearsed routine that works every night without fail. And which expert helped me reach this happy state? No-one of note – just me! I became my own personal sleep expert.

Many years ago I learned my sleep trick – by accident. By adopting much the same position in bed each night and by thinking about the same subject each night my brain appears to happily slow down and then switch to slumber mode.

The position that fuels the sleep process has changed slightly – from lying on my back with my right arm placed over my head (yes I know strange) it now is me lying on my side with my arms outstretched in front and my fingers entwined together (even stranger but it works!).

I then think about my favoured subject – at this point I might stress it’s nothing sexual or overtly out of the ordinary. It’s just a topic that when it’s in my mind it sparks positivity and good feeling. It often involves a little bit of mental agility but it’s not counting sheep! In thinking a bit more about the topic I find slumber beckons. This whole process sends me off towards the land of nod very quickly on a nightly basis and keeps me very content.

Many friends have asked me what the topic is and can they share it? Many have tried guessing and goading me into revealing all. My lips are sealed. To be honest I’ve never shared it with anyone – only because I feel that, like some sort of spell, if I do the ‘magical’ effect won’t work any longer and I’ll be cast towards of dreaded world of insomnia.

Maybe sleep experts would deduce that I’m following some sort of tried and tested technique but I worry not. It works and I love it. Sleep well!