What it feels like…to love your dog.

by Heather Suttie, Glasgow.

I love my dog. I really do.

Charlee came into my life more than 10 years ago. I bought her from a breeder in Beith, Ayrshire. She was £800 and Pedigree and this was the best financial investment and purchase I’ve ever made.

She has been loyal, loving and the greatest of fun. She is sensitive, beautiful, incredibly well behaved, loves kids and meeting people. She has boundless energy and has brought me and countless others much joy since she was a puppy. She has also outlived a marriage and a number of friendships. She’s always pleased to see me, she keeps me fit and helped me cope with depression during a very dark time. She helped me and for that I am forever grateful and those who are close to me know how important she was to me and my well being. Dogs, they pick up on everything, well mine does anyway.

2 years ago I made the heartbreaking decision to re-home her after I returned from living in Africa for 6 months. I had just returned home, living with my parents and needed to get my life back on track. 

I cried myself to sleep on a number of occasions, I had come back from Tanzania only for a week or so to renew my passport and see Charlee and I wasn’t sure if returning to Africa would be a great idea. Indecision ruled my thoughts.

It wasn’t ideal at all and I came to the difficult conclusion that it would be better for her to go and live with a family who could love her and care for her properly, not part-time.

She has been with them for that time and she enjoys their company, their kids, back garden and she also gets to visit me from time to time and also my folks love having her to visit. So now she effectively has three homes who welcome her with open arms and a pigs ear!

It was a heartbreaking decision as anyone who has ever loved their dog will know, you feel that you don’t want to lose your best friend. I don’t think I’ve ever lost her – but I do miss her. When she is here, she is the main attraction, gets all my attention and seeing her happy and in such great shape, loved and healthy shows that I did indeed make the right decision for her.

She is almost 13 and I know that she won’t be here forever so I spoil her rotten with walks, cuddles and the odd treat. She still acts like a pup and if you’re considering getting a family pet for you or for your kids – my advice; do it. It was the best investment I ever made and your life will never be the same. I wouldn’t dream of spending £800 on a handbag or an item of clothing but I wouldn’t think twice about having another Weimaraner.

She goes home tomorrow after a week with us and my folks and she’s returning again next month. I’ve never taken her to get groomed but I think that and getting her nails trimmed will be top of the list. 

This post might sound over sentimental but unless you’ve loved your dog then you’ll never know. 



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