What it feels like…to quit.

By Nick Entwistle, Manchester.

I’ve been asked to write a few words about when I last felt amazing, that life was good and that everything would be ok. This got me thinking about some of the highlights of the last year or two, in which my advertising career has progressed rapidly, I’ve won awards, collaborated with major creative people, hosted events and built up a fantastic social community called One Minute Briefs.

Two years ago, I quit my job in an advertising agency without another job to go into. With an apartment and a car to pay for, many felt this was a crazy move but I had a belief that everything would be ok…and it was.

I didn’t want to work for people who didn’t believe in me as much as I believed in myself. I didn’t want to just get by. I didn’t want to settle for second best. I wanted something better and the moment I quit was an amazing feeling. I could now go for what I wanted to do.

Yes, there were hard times but with the support of the people around me I was able to work towards something I wanted to do. I worked at my family pub and did some freelance to pay the bills and then one day a major advertising agency hired me full time. This was a place where we were given more opportunity and pushed to improve as well as supported to do our own creative projects on the side.

This was something I’d never experienced before and it gave me the confidence to push my creative ideas further and make
things happen.

It was then that @OneMinuteBriefs was born. From what was a small self-initiated project, it has gone from strength to strength as we took it to Twitter and made a website.

This has since become a hugely popular social creative platform for user generated advertising content that has been featured in blogs and magazines across the world.

Not only this, it has enabled us to be able to use creativity and content to help people in education and charities which, in turn, has resulted in us being given some amazing opportunities such as our recent visit to Downing Street for our work with the Liam Fairhurst Foundation.

Aside from this, we have been able to create an on-site pub at our workplace, won various awards, hosted talks and workshops at major events including BBC Worldwide, create other successful social feeds, built a strong work portfolio and met some amazing inspirational people.

All of this would never happened if I settled for just getting by. Taking the risk has truly paid off and allowed me to be myself, which is a great feeling. Things will always be ok if you go for what you believe in and don’t let anyone stand in your way.

Nick Entwistle (pictured on the right )