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What it Feels Like celebrates thoughts & feelings.

Everyone has a story and everyone has a stone in their shoe. What’s yours?

The average person has more than 50 000 thoughts per day. That messes with my mind even contemplating how many thoughts that is!? It’s about 50 thoughts per minute.

No wonder then – that we all get a little fried from time to time and why more and more of us are getting into mindfulness.

The wish for this site is for you to read soulful, priceless content. A place to chill out, read contributions; be entertained, moved, inspired. 

Share your thoughts & feelings too, in the spirit of commiseration, education, explanation or celebration!

Sometimes it’s hard to say how we really feel.  Here you can connect, reflect, post or just sit back, relax and read what others have shared and think.

If you  can’t tell your best friend, boss, lover or sibling, share it with us. If it’s a challenge or something you’re proud of; if you’re bursting with joy  – write it down, share it with us. Anonymously if you’d prefer.

Similarly we’d love you to post how you managed to overcome difficult times; to inspire others and so that you can look back in years to come and think – wow, I did that, it was a difficult time and look where I’m at now.

You can upload photos and a video too, then share to your Facebook or Twitter. Or just post it with no expectation knowing that you’ve shared something that someone else will absolutely connect with.

The Guidelines

Positive, negative – they’re just labels, Shakespeare said “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so” We say share it all!

We encourage mutual respect; constructive responses – in the spirit of compassion and support.

We’d encourage you to share posts you love on your social media using #whatitfeelslike.

Other than that, thank you for stopping by, we hope you enjoy your visit to our site and hope that you’ll share the love by contributing, reading or giving love to our contributors by hitting the love button and sharing on your social media.

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Heather Suttie