woman naked skin

What it feels like…to shoot a naked model.

By Anonymous, Brighton.

It has been in the diary for about 6 weeks.

It’s my first time.

My new agent booked it in. I’d just joined this photographic agency on a whim that they might be able to broker me some extra work. They would find me the work and take 20%. Seemed fair enough.

The shoot is for a private client. It’s her 50th birthday present to herself. She wanted to do nude shots. Crikey. And she’s a “friend” of the agency. Double crikey.

I am a landscape photographer, I’m also a fine art student and this is not my area of expertise. I keep telling myself I’m out of my depth and so do my friends, which doesn’t exactly help. But I just keep reminding myself that the human body is a landscape and that nothing could possibly go wrong.

This is a job, a paid job and it’s the first booking from this agency and I can’t let them or myself down.

calendar nude shoot

Nothing can go wrong. By wrong, I don’t mean a technical gaffe, I mean wrong as in what happens if I get aroused?  I cannot allow this to happen.

I don’t know what the etiquette is on these types of shoots. “De-robe darling or please remove your housecoat now!?” All seems a tad over-familiar. I think I’ll go with ” When you’re ready?”

We are filming it in a studio which has been hired for the day. This at least should add to the non-arousal factors – a sterile, cold location will help. I hope.

There are props, a selection of wraps, a chaise longue and some “sexy negligee” That’s what the email said. I hope she’s not French, I can’t cope with that.

The job is on Wednesday next week and I tell you what; I am absolutely bricking it, I don’t feel up to the job at all. I don’t even have the faintest how to light her or “direct her” and even the thought of using photoshop on her naked shots is making me come out in a hot sweat.

I just hope that whatever happens, she is happy with the shots, I get rebooked for future work and Dear God, please don’t let me get a boner!