What it feels like…losing weight to try to have a baby.

By Elaine Droy, Glasgow.

I have been overweight my whole life. I honestly can’t remember a time when I didn’t carry extra weight.

Growing up I was told I was a tall, big girl and I could carry a few extra pounds. I was the eternal dieter; one diet to another. I would lose a few pounds and then become cocky, thinking I could do this myself, why would I want to go to class once a week to get weighed if I can do this at home, and before I knew it I was a stone heavier than when I had started on the diet!

It was so frustrating so I would just eat to make myself feel better.

When I got engaged to my husband Chris I thought this would spur me on to lose weight for our wedding in August 2008 but it didn’t work, in fact if anything I was heavier on my wedding day than when we had got engaged although it was still the happiest day of my life – I was marrying my best friend and soul mate.

The only thing that made me sad is when I looked at my wedding pictures I look massive in them but it still gave me no motivation to lose the weight.

Elaine Droy - wedding

Once Chris and I got married we planned to start a family and that is when the problems began with my weight. For 2 years we tried to have a baby and nothing happened.

Finally we went to see our GP and I knew what she would say…………….it was time for me to lose some weight and that may help. However after another 6 months still nothing so we were referred for infertility tests and they returned saying that we had unexplained infertility which really meant they didn’t have an answer for us – they didn’t know why we weren’t falling pregnant.

Elaine & Chris Droy before

However they did say if I lost a considerable amount of weight then we would qualify for fertility treatment. This was in September 2011. I was devastated, I needed to lose at least 6st, I couldn’t even lose 6lbs let alone 6st!

I went into a downward spiral and gained even more weight.

Our follow up appointment was in May 2012, but I kept saying I will start my weight loss on Monday but it never happened until in March 2012 – two months before our appointment – Chris and I sat down and laid all our cards on the table.

Finally something clicked and my weight loss and healthy life style journey began.

I had been to Scottish Slimmers before a few years previously so I dusted off my books and started getting my head around the plan. I wanted to give myself a kick start as I was not ready to face a class just yet as I was now at my heaviest ever – weighing 20st 5lbs on my bathroom scales.

My husband Chris said he would support my weight loss journey by doing the plan along with me at home as he had gained some weight too.

The first week following the plan I lost 5lbs. I was so motivated and when we went to our hospital appointment in May 2012 they were happy that I had started to lose weight. That was the incentive I needed to keep going and by the middle of June 2012 I had lost 1st 9lbs so I felt it was time to join class when disaster struck.

I discovered I had an ectopic pregnancy which was life threatening and I needed emergency surgery. The surgery left me extremely ill for a few weeks but I slowly recovered and was back to full health by the beginning of September 2012.

So on 6th September 2012 I joined a Scottish Slimmers class at the Kingspark Hotel in Rutherglen and that is when I met Lorna my class leader, who is fantastic. I left Lorna’s class that night feeling motivated and inspired to continue my journey to a healthier life. I weighed in that night at 18st 9lbs. I have been attending class ever since.

I have made so many friends at the classes who have kept me going, as for Lorna my class manager, I couldn’t have got this far without her, she is an inspiration and fantastic at what she does. I have had my ups and downs with my weight loss but through sheer determination, sweat and a few tears I have battled on and finally qualified, in October 2013, for NHS fertility treatment.

We started the treatment in February 2014, and hopefully we will finally start our long awaited family. I am still determined to finish my weight loss journey that I started. I have come too far and I am more determined than ever for Lorna to ring that target bell for me this year as I can honestly say there is no better feeling than being slim.

I am so much more active, my husband and I love going for long walks and I go swimming a few times a week. Whereas before we would have come home from work, sit down and eat a very large meal followed by sweets and crisps and watching TV all evening, now that has all changed and we go for a walk or a swim every evening after work.

I never really had any health issues when I was carrying the extra weight like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc but it was only a matter of time before I did get these issues. My energy levels have gone through the roof, and I have become more confident as I used to find clothes shopping a horrible experience, but now I shop all the time. I have more dresses than I know what to do with!

And Chris feels brilliant too. He started the healthy eating PEP with me when I started my weight loss journey and to date my husband has lost over 5 stone!

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