What it feels like…to love a witch.

By Elizabeth Moore, LA.

A conjure made from prayers
Elixir spell ignited into human form
My spirit boy agreed to come
At age 5 he told me that it was scary out there in the dark
That he was waiting for me to say yes
And that although it was not exactly what he wanted
He was instructed to go to the one who needed him most.
Crazy!? Right!? Maybe not…after all Fairy Tales make money, and money makes the world go round…
and the world is really still a very possible place….
Can you hear a song starting?
Beyond the Moon, Beyond the Stars… Somewhere over… out there…
So here I am versing in riddles, a mom, an artist, a dreamer, a fumbled schemer, a really bad violin player, a not so bad seamstress, beholding her most cherished creation.
My child-wizard; my son the actor, my most beautiful Wicked Witch….

Elliott Moore