What it feels like…to make a leap of faith.

By Shebahn Littlejohn, London.

So here I am … one year on exactly.

It feels good. It feels fast, yet it almost feels like it’s been this way forever. I moved from Glasgow to London last January and it was a total leap of faith. Well, honestly, I moved for love, but I also knew I was moving to the land of opportunity and the place where my dream job lies.

I’m a real home bird; I’m extremely close to my family and friends, so I knew leaving would be a real test for me. It was my first time away from home and it wasn’t a few miles along the road, it was 600 miles down south!

I had to cook my dinners and clean the washing. WHAT THE HELL? I guess I was a very sheltered and looked after little girl in Old Drumchapel. If it weren’t for moving so far away, I would probably still be heading back to mum and dad’s for tea and catch ups every night.

At first it was the little things like cooking and cleaning that were the tests. I was running a house so it was all brand new to me. Living with Jamie (the fiancé) is actually delightful. He’s very easy to live with and is tidy, which is a bonus. Though, he does have this horrendous habit of leaving his pants stuck inside his trousers and throwing them on the floor, but I’m sure one day that’ll change. Fingers crossed! I actually think he does it to wind me up now.

My biggest fear of moving was not getting work. I moved without a job at the other side. I left a perfectly lovely position at Radio Clyde that I’d worked my way up to for years.

People said ‘you’re daft leaving there, “you’ll never get another job like that”. That bugged me and it still does. To be frank, I didn’t walk into that job overnight. I had been at Clyde since 15 and worked my backside off to get on air and that’s what I’d like to do with my career here.

Yes, I may have taken 5 steps back, but looking at the bigger picture I know I’m doing the right thing for the future. I’m now at ITV working as Green Room host for Good Morning Britain and Lorraine.

Although I’m not presenting and I’m no where near close to being a presenter, I’m learning everything about television, which I’m loving. I like to know the ins and outs of everything and how the magic happens.

Watching the ideas go from paper to national breakfast television is fascinating. I do miss my old job, but that’s what’s keeping me going –  that AND being surrounded by some very inspirational people who are totally lovely. And yes, Lorraine Kelly really is the nicest lady in person as she is on the tele. All of the Scots ask that question ☺

We recently bought a house in Saint Albans, probably the nicest little town in all of the land, in my opinion. In London I felt quite lonely. Nobody really said hello in the street. And if you said hello to them, they looked at you like you were full blown Crackers!! I hated that. I didn’t like not being my smiley, bubbly self. Being here brings me closer to Jamie’s family and friends and there’s a nice Celtic community like feel here. I love it!

We are also getting married this year. It still feels funny saying that. We’ll be tying the knot in Luss in September and I’m in full wedding mode. I can’t wait to have all of the people we love and care for in the same room for one day. Living away from home makes me all the more excited to have that very special day that I’ll only have once back home in Scotland. I got the choice of the wedding venue and Jamie gets to plan the honeymoon! Fair.

I’m a very lucky person. I’m healthy, I’m happy and I’m loved. If I have a down day at work, or feel homesick I just have to remind myself of how blessed and fortunate I am. Moving away from home has changed me so much over the year. I feel like an adult now! I’m not a daft little girl anymore. I never thought I was that, but I now look back and see how much I’ve grown up and matured.

I’m aware that I’m a better person and I appreciate the little things. I used to DJ every weekend then head to the next club to meet the girls for a boogy and a bevy. That was me every weekend! Now, I’m your classic Friday chick… wrapped up in my onesie and asleep on the couch with my glass of wine at 9pm. BLISS!